Using class methods inside connectors

i’m using angular with instansearch.js, is there a way to pass or access class variables inside the callback function of the pagination connector?

E.G. I want to access class methods/functions of “this” (the parent class) inside renderFn

ngOnInit() {   
    const makePagination = connectPagination(this.renderFn);{
       containerNode: $('.pagination'),


function renderFn(PaginationRenderingOptions, isFirstRendering) {
  this.function() <-- this is always undefined currently
  if (isFirstRendering) {

  // remove event listeners before replacing markup
    .each(function() { $(this).off('click'); });

  var pages = PaginationRenderingOptions.pages
    .map(function(page) {
      return '<li style="display: inline-block; margin-right: 10px;">' +
        '<a href="' + PaginationRenderingOptions.createURL(page) + '" data-page="' + page + '">' +
        (parseInt(page) + 1) + '</a></li>';


    .each(function() {
      $(this).on('click', function(event) {

thanks in advance.

Just to clarify, is there a reason you are not using Angular InstantSearch and its BaseWidget? That way you can use the regular angular life cycles to make your component.

I’m using this as we think its the more flexible option and we’re pretty ok with it (and using something else will take us back a lot)

Anyways, any chance i can make what i’m doing work? I’m doing this because algolia’s estimate for nbHits when exaustive search is true is way off the actual figure (6k - 8k off the actual count for 20k results) using facets.

Hi @jdonald
I agree with @haroen using Angular InstantSearch would probably be easier.
To answer your question directly: you pass the context of your class to renderFn by calling .bind:
Instead of




You can read more about .bind here:

I hope this helps!

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Hi Youcef,

Thank you for the solution.

We’ll definitely look at switching to Angular Instantsearch as soon as we have the time and resource to do so