Using cssClasses in connectInfiniteHits?

I’m having trouble applying css classes using the cssClasses option when I used connectInfiniteHits to create a infinite scroll. I’m basically using the example from

When applying cssClasses in the infiniteHits widget nothing happens. Is this not possible when creating a custom widget?

I basically want to style my items as cards and place them in a grid using tailwindcss by applying classes through cssClasses but this does not seem to work.

That’s right, cssClasses gets passed as a widgetParam to your custom widget, and it can use it to apply those classes. The default widget uses these classes like this (using Preact): instantsearch.js/InfiniteHits.tsx at master · algolia/instantsearch.js · GitHub & instantsearch.js/infinite-hits.tsx at master · algolia/instantsearch.js · GitHub