Using Facet Filters [SOLVED]

I am trying to get facet filters to work with docsearch.

In my docs I have the following meta tags, and the content value depends on the particular page. Below is an example of a doc that is in the “attributes” category

<meta name="docsearch:attributes" content="true">
<meta name="docsearch:links" content="false">
<meta name="docsearch:carrd" content="false">

In my docsearch config, I’ve added:

  "custom_settings": {
    "attributesForFaceting": [

Here are my docsearch settings:

    apiKey: myAPIKey, 
    indexName: 'webflow', 
    inputSelector: '.docsearch', 
    debug: true,
    algoliaOptions: {
      'facetFilters': ["attributes:true"]

With the above settings, my search results only return 2 results and never include any results that contain the <meta name="docsearch:attributes" content="true"> tag.

If I remove the facetFilter the results start working so they are being indexed. Also, my config was merged 5 days ago so I am assuming the attributesForFaceting setting has been applied.

Hoping someone can point out what I am doing wrong.


@Sylvain.PACE saved the day! Thanks for your help.