Using geoSearch filtering and sort with React Instant hook

hello We build a an search engine for our website which use algolia search api. it is a combination of 2 input that request different index. The first input filter and add sorting basing on location selected in the second input.
We just noticed, react instant search hook is released, and can simplify a lot our work and optimise the code, also the response seems to be very short. The idea is the keep ouur UI and replace all the logic by hook, we have tested it with basic feature like useAutocomplete.
I want to know if it is possible to add geoSearch params like aroundPosition in the refine funtion. It only take a string param.
So if you have any idea or have experience it, I would appreciate to hear it

The InstantSearch team hasn’t yet implemented geo search for the new React Hooks library, but they offer some tips for “rolling your own” by bringing the legacy connectGeoSearch connector: