Using Kotlin with Algolia on Android

Hello world!

As you may have heard from GoogleIO, the Android language landscape is moving!

Google announced that v3 of AS will support Kotlin. This statically typed programming language is primarily developed by JetBrains, with the intention of providing some modern programming language features like Scala does, while compiling as quickly as Java.

As Android’s Developer website puts it, there are a lot of good reasons to use Kotlin as an Android developer:

Kotlin is expressive, concise, extensible, powerful, and a joy to read and write. It has wonderful safety features in terms of nullability and immutability, which aligns with our investments to make Android apps healthy and performant by default.

We wanted to consider what using Kotlin would mean for an Android developer using Algolia. After some exploration, we are happy to present you our Algolia Android Demo, fully rewritten in Kotlin!

This variant is based on the instantSearchDemo branch, which leverages our InstantSearch Android library to make development easier.

We will keep exploring Kotlin to see how it could improve the experience of Android developers (not only if you use Kotlin, but also if you develop in Java)! We’ll keep you updated of our exploration here :slight_smile:

In the meantime, we are eager to hearing your thoughts! Have you already started using Kotlin in your Android apps? Do you have any expectations or hopes regarding the use of Kotlin in Algolia libraries?

If you want to read more on Kotlin, I recommend you to check these ressources:

Happy hacking! :tools: