Using M2 Algolia extension, products categories are not indexed

Hi There,

We are using M2 Algolia extension, products categories are not indexed.
Algolia has created magento2 indices in my dashboard, but the indices are not having any records in it.

Algolia account is related to email :

We have also enabled logs on the server, but there is no error in the logs.

Please have a look into this issue asap.


did you run the initial reindex?

Yes, We run the initial reindex, run theses commands again, nut still there is not data in product category indices as shown below:


And do you have an indexing queue enabled?
If so, did you set up a cron job to run a queue runner indexer to process the queue?

Hi There,

Sorry for the late reply, I was on leave.
We turned off “Queue Enabled” in “Indexing Queue / Cron”, the product indexing starts working then. Would you please explain why the product indexing is not working with “Queue Enabled” set to yes in “Indexing Queue / Cron”.