Using two versions of InstantSearch JS on one page?

Is it possible to use two different versions of InstantSearch.js on one page and coexist?
I have a search on page with the use of 4.5.0 and another script with .2.5.10
Appreciate any advice on that.

It is possible if they don’t interact and you make sure to have different variable names, but why would you want to do that?

For now, that is a solution to save time and make things work so later can rewrite search and images carousel with use of one the same version of InstantSearch.
Previously there was a search option written in older version and component with newer.

Thanks for the advice, so I’ll make sure if it uses different variable names and this should work, later need to rewrite everything to support only one version.

You will however need to be careful how you’re importing. If you’re using a CDN this won’t work, as they’re both adding to the instantsearch window variable. If you’re using npm & a bundler you can install one version with an alias