Using Zapier from Typeform to Spreadsheet with Algolia

Hey :wave:t2:

I’ve seen few tweets from @kevin.granger playing around with Zapier recently.
It sounds like an awesome opportunity to build my submission process from A to Z.

It gives me the idea to create a Typeform and using it as a content submission form.

:white_check_mark: Every time someone submits a content

:arrows_counterclockwise: Zapier will add that entry as a new row in a Google spreadsheet on the “Submitted” tab

:ledger: A content moderator can manually check and validate a submission. He needs to copy paste the row at the end of the “Published” tab

:arrows_counterclockwise: Zapier add/update an object in my Algolia index

:mag: My UI is updated with the new content

This idea gives me the ability to stick to a minimum effort, making that validation process easier, and being non-tech friendly at the same time.

I’m actually building that prototype right now to see how it works, I’ll show you some progress soon :+1:t2:


Sounds cool, I think there is a way to avoid the copy paste, maybe juste asking for an attribute on the same row.

I want to keep the human the copy paste as a validation to be sure we’re checking each submission and validate them or not. Seems like a very little work and easily doable.

I can also plug something to get notified each time there is a new submission.

Update of the day :wave:t2:

Seems to works perfectly fine! Feels so great to achieve that much with almost nothing :heart_eyes:

1. Complete the content submission form

2. Backup the data with Zapier

3. New entry saved in Google Spreadsheets

4. Zapier send the data to Algolia

5. My index is now updated and I can display the content on my website :raised_hands:t2:

In summary, Zapier is automating: Typeform, G. Spreadsheets & Algolia :heart:
Seems like a perfected free solution to build a working MVP in no time while being accessible and easy to use.

I know this doesn’t scale much if you take a look at Zapier’s pricing ($220/year minimum :cold_sweat:), but this isn’t the goal right now. I’d rather use something like that to quickly ship a project, see if it works, then later spend some time working on a custom automated solution.


REALLY cool Antoine! Thanks for taking the time to write down your progression and thoughts :heart:. Everything seems to go pretty well, I’m super excited to see your UI. What librairie are you gonna use? Instant Search for Vue.js? (my fav)

You could also have plugged Algolia’s action just after your gsheet in your first zap.