VanillaJS: how to check - search is active?

Just need to check search is active or not.

Created connector:

], function ($) {
    return function renderFn(InfiniteHitsRenderingOptions, isFirstRendering) {
        if (isFirstRendering) {

I need to check in this connector: search is active or not(for instance user start typed in searchbox or just download search or category page).

Hi @faltsman,

Thanks for contacting Algolia!

Can you please create a live example for us to give you the best advice regarding your question?

Here is a boilerplate vanilla JS instantsearch sandbox. You can update it with the minimum code needed to reproduce the situation that will replicate your issue:

We look forward to hearing back!

Hi @ajay.david, here i am trying to include infinte hits connector and get scroll top when search is active. And I need to use instantSearch v2.10.5