Very specific Magento 1.9.2 full-word search problems

I posted this silghtly differently this morning. But have been hacking at it and think it would help to change the question.

Two problems.

  1. In Magento, search results are not tallying with the search results I find in the Algolia dashboard. They’re missing out one of the four products in my test index. Any idea how/why that might be?
  2. I want full word search. E.g. if my index contains search terms: 12, 1234 - I only want 12 to return the first of those two. I can’t find any way to set that! I’ve turned off typos for all searches.

Has to be said, this isn’t exactly intuitive. The problem was the “Prefix” search setting. now at prefixNone - what that actually means is that it’s not searching for any type of partial match - perfect for me for this field.

Thanks - no help needed!

Hello @scasey ,

Thanks for sharing your investigations and the resolving of your issue :wink: