Vue 3 Infinite Scrolling

Hello, I was following the tutorial on this page but it doesn’t adapt to Vue 3, with missing imports too.

import { createWidgetMixin } from 'vue-instantsearch'; 

This one specifically, breaks my project when I import (import not found) and I have to restart the Vite server.

I was wondering if someone has an updated version of this tutorial that’s working with Vue 3 and it’s Composition API.

PD: Here is the link of the logs of Vite when I import this function


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Hey @danieldmuller984 – this has come up before and there was an issue around it. I think it’s related to changes in the way plugins are handled between Vue 2 and 3.

Does this help at all?

Yes, I am using the latest version though (4.1.1). I think this happens because I’m importing something used for Vue 2, while on main.js I’m importing:

import InstantSearch from 'vue-instantsearch/vue3/es';


To be honest, not sure how to solve it.