Vue <ais-configure> component calls request multiple times

When I add ais-configure component to my vue app, it calls request multiple times each time I change vue data.

I add a button and a text, when I click the button, the text will be visible and request will made one more time, in the sandbox I’m using algoliasearch function, but if use a custom search Client, the request is called multiple times.

When the app is loaded, only one query is called:

When I click button(and vue data change), another request is called:

If I remove ais-configure it works fine, no extra request is called.


The algoliasearch client has an integrated cache, so it is possible that you hit the cache with the default client but since you do not have any cache implementation in your custom client you’re making multiple requests here (this is only, some assumptions since I did not saw your custom client code).

I think the solution here is to implement a caching functionality in your client to avoid this kind of issue.