Vue Ais Numeric Menu bug

Something strange happens when I run the above code.

Specifically, I put the following:

  1. Press the “FILTER” button to make the filter page appear by v-show
  2. Select “high reply rate companies” displayed by algolia
  3. Press the “RESULT” button to hide the filter page
  4. Only items with a reply rate of 75% or more are not displayed, and the filter function does not work well

I have additionally confirmed the following:
・The item genre is able to make the filter function work well
・When I checked with the Vue development tool, the reply rate filter function was working until I pressed the “RESULT” button.
・And the moment you press the “RESULT” button, the reply rate filter function will stop working.

Is this caused by incompatibility between v-show and Algolia (especially Numeric Menu)?

(Please ignore the fact that it is written in CamelCase in inappropriate places.)

<AisHits class="z-10">
    <template v-slot="{ items }">

<div v-show="showFilterPage" class="z-50">
    <p>item genre</p>
    <p>reply rate</p>
     :items="[{ label: 'all' }, { label: 'high reply rate companies', start: 75 }]"

export default defineComponent({
    const showFilterPage = ref(false)
    const toResultPage = () => {
        showFilterPage.value = false
    const toFilterPage = () => {
        showFilterPage.value = true