VUE app - ais-highlight component converting double quotes to """

When i add the <ais-highlight attribute="title" :hit="item"></ais-highlight> component it converts all my double quotes to the html entity &quot;.

When i search for that item the response renders fine. When I clear my search it comes back with the html characters again.

This is the raw data in my algolia index
"title": "1/2\" x 6\" Hex Head Concrete Screw-Anchor "

This is what gets rendered from my first 20 records after refresh.
1/2&quot; x 6&quot; Hex Head Concrete Screw-Anchor

Using vue 2. I’ve tried stripping things out and even when running a very basic v-for loop i still get the same behavior.

Also just noticed, when i clear my search, the correct one sticks around for about a second, then all my hits get turned into html special characters, so odd.

After deeper investigation…it appears the title’s all get converted when i scroll (after clearing a search).
Still happens on every refresh. When is search it works, then when i clear my search, my original list is good, until i scroll even a tiny bit.

Any help greatly appreciated.

just found this when i rendered the item hit data ( I noticed the _highlightResult.title.value)

  "category": "General",
  "title": "1/2\" x 6\" Hex Head Concrete Screw-Anchor ",
  "objectID": "zqGAx68wORmdYcFsvsZbscs",
  "_highlightResult": {
    "title": {
      "value": "1/2&quot; x 6&quot; Hex Head Concrete Screw-Anchor ",
      "matchLevel": "none",
      "matchedWords": []
  "__position": 2

Same thing happening here. I can only add that I’m using <ais-instant-search-ssr> component, and this behaviour happens if there is conditional rendering inside :

    <template slot-scope="{ query, hits }">
      <ais-hits v-if="hits.length > 0 && query.length > 1"> <!-- this seems to be the culprit -->

Sorry, this is indeed unexpected behaviour regarding running the hits connector more than once. As a workaround what you can do is prevent the highlighting altogether. You can do that this way:

Thanks!! This worked perfectly.
Will try and figure out what I can do differently to avoid this.
I don’t have conditional rendering I just have ais-instant-search wrapping ais-hits.
I do use ais-search-box and ais-menu to filter down. Maybe that’s why, or maybe the way I’m loading the library.

Anyway, thanks so much!