Vue Instant Search Attributes Not Fetching




I’m using Vue Instant Search to display a list of results. However, any attribute other than “Title”, “Id” and “Image” won’t display. Here is a snipped of my Vue code:

<ais-hits> <template slot="item" slot-scope="{ item }"> <a :href=""> <div class="row"> <div class="col-4"> <img :src="item.image" /> </div> <div class="col-8"> {{ item.type }} <b><ais-highlight :hit="item" attribute="title" /></b> </div> </div> </a> </template> </ais-hits>

If I inspect the Vue instance and look at the Hits object, the “Type” and “Link” attributes aren’t even shown here. If I inspect the data on it shows the “Type” and “Link” attributes filled for each model.

I even explicitly added the fields in the Attributes to retrieve settings. Any idea why these attributes aren’t showing or even POST’ing to my Vue?


Hi Vinny,

check if your is has a value, if is empty it will show undefined

I faced same issue i made sure my link has a value then it worked just fine.

just sharing my solution


Hi, it turns out that I was checking it against an older set of records and not my new updated record set.