Vue instant search hits algolia several times

Why a simple search with vue instantsearch is hitting algolia servers several times?

And this is triggering the on result event several times too, as you can see in the console log

This and Ais-configure cause multiple hit to algolia api, doubling the facet filter make imposible to work with this components.

Anyone can help me with this, please?

My hunch is that you are using inline props which are objects or arrays. This basically causes Vue to always recompute those props and we have to do a new request every time.

You can fix that by moving those values to data items

Hope that helps!

Mmm … I have basically 2 components:

    <ais-custom-hits />

ais-search have 1 prop:

  • [dealer] type: String

ais-custom-hits have 2 props:

  • [type] type: String
  • [context] type: String

So, any component have a prop like an object or array.

If you check in this example that happens to

Edit Check extra request

Please, how can I get some help on this?

I can solve this using this solution:

Thanks @haroen, your comment was part of the solution.