Vue instant search search parameters

Hi there, I have a div like below:

<div class="filters-wrap">
  <div class="filters-options">
    <ais-refinement-list attribute-name="style" :sort-by="['name:asc']" :limit="100">

Is there any way to get the current search parameters (I know how to get the query) so that I could do something along the lines of:

<div class="filters-wrap" :class="{ 'active' : algoliaSearch.refinements.indexOf('style') > 0 }">

To add some styles to the surrounding div.

Sorry, I’m not exactly sure what you mean, could you explain what you want with a screenshot?

Hi Haroen, thanks for getting back to me.

If I use something like this:

  <template slot-scope="{ totalResults, query }">
    {{ query }}

The query will show me whatever query I have typed in the <ais-input/>.

Is there anyway to show what items have been checked in a <ais-refinement-list/>?

That should be available on this.searchStore (if you use the Component mixin). In the next version we will have a dedicated current refinements widget. see for how to use it