Vue InstantSearch and Vue router

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Is it possible to sync (ideally both ways) the refinement lists and price-range components with the url (vue-router)?

I managed to sync the search input using your guide but I am not sure if it can be done for the rest of the components too.


Hello Chrys,

You should be able to to a similar thing, but change the getters and setters on the searchStore to the ones relevant to price ranges.

You can see that info here.

We’re currently rebuilding Vue InstantSearch to be more like the other flavours of InstantSearch, which would make URL synchronising simpler, but we definitely take your needs in account!

Hello Chrys
One question about Vue instantsearch and vue-router: can I bind instantsearch to another input than ?
I have an already existing input in my page and would like to bind it to vue router then searchStore
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@francois1, you might want to check out the source of ais-input and copy that however neededd

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