[Vue-InstantSearch] How to filter the results from the ais-autocomplete widget

Good day. I am using the the ais-autocomplete component of vue-instantsearch.
I am pulling search results from several indices.
I have followed the example implementation provided here:

I have customised the UI and am using the - currentRefinement, indices and refine to properly display my results.
Now I want to be able to pass a search parameter that will be used by algolia and will return to me only the results that match the criteria. (Example -> published: true)
This parameter is not tied to my UI in any way. But I want to add it behind the scenes without the user interacting with the setting.

I read that the component ais-configure can potentially help me out here.
But I am not clear on how to use it together with ais-autocomplete to achieve the desired outcome.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to solve my issue. Thanks :slight_smile:

This question seems to be a duplicate of this GitHub issue.