Vue-InstantSearch Infinite Scroll

I’m following the Vue InstantSearch InfiniteScroll example seen here:

Unfortunately, unlike the example – when I hit the bottom of the screen, the “loadMore” gets triggered repeatedly. I can probably throttle this call to make sure I’m not making a boat load of unnecessary requests but I don’t see that being done anywhere in the example.

If I remove the page increment from the “loadMore” function (thus triggering no queries at all), the “loadMore” function is correctly triggered only once when the “observable” div comes into view.

Open to any suggestions or advice.

For anyone that may happen to stumble across this same issue, downgrading ‘vue-observe-visibility’ to 0.1.3 seems to have resolved this bug for me ( the example being used in the Codepen for Vue InstantSearch Infinite Scroll is 0.1 from CDN – not something mentioned in the the tutorials )

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Hi @samjweissman, glad to see the you solve your issue!

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