Vue-instantsearch - refresh result on re-indexing?

Is there a way to refresh result on re-indexing?

So we have Laravel as a backend solution and when users change properties there is some delay until everything is re-indexed. Now it would be good to have some option to display on UI that current results are in a state of re-indexing and off course to refresh when a new index is ready.

Hi @janic,

Algolia handles your indexing operations asynchronously.
It can take from seconds to minutes depending on the load on the clusters.

We have currently no way to have Algolia “push” the fact that your index has updates.
However we have the project of adding a “refresh results” component, which when clicked, would reload the state of your search.

Something else you could leverage is the cache option of the index component.

<ais-index index-name="your_indexName"

This will make sure that your search will always return fresh results. By default the JS client will cache results of a given query which might not be expected in SPAs.

I hope that helps.