Vue InstantSearch 'urlSync'

Hi there,
Hopefully a quick question… Is there an equivalent to the main InstantSearch urlSync in the new Vue InstantSearch currently in beta? If not, are there plans to add it?
Also, if there are not plans to add it, are we then best just using something like Vue Router i.e. $route.query.
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PS by urlSync I mean this (from the docs):

Url synchronization configuration. Setting to true will synchronize the needed search parameters with the browser url.

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Hi there,

We definitely want to provide something as simple to use as in InstantSearch.js
We currently have an open issue to track it down:

We also have an example of intergation with the Vue Router here:

We definitely need to make this feature more accessible.

We are currently listening to our early adopters like you to design the feature so please do continue the discussion here to explain your requirements.