Vue InstantSearch v1.4.0 is released 💥

Hey there all of you. This is the first of the release notes I write, so bear with me. This release is not super huge, but the one I’m going to be really looking forward is the upcoming v2 of Vue InstantSearch. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start with 1.4.0.

In this update are two things:

  1. when you have an <ais-highlight /> with an attribute which sometimes is undefined or null, we used to throw an error in development, but now this is only a warning, since it’s possible you forgot to make it highlightable, or that it simply is undefined.
  2. An indicator if the search is stalled. This is a big work all over InstantSearch implementations, led mostly by @Bobylito. It is useful for lower end connections.

The loading indicator can be tested by throttling your network and going to the storybook. In this example it’s used in the searchBox, but you have access to the fact the search is stalled or not all over the search app.

The cool thing about the next major version of Vue InstantSearch is internal, but it allows faster iterations. As you might have read in the release of InstantSearch.js v2, we have this concept called connectors. They encapsulate the bit of logic necessary to render a component. We’re using that in the next version of Vue InstantSearch, with as result that all of the widgets will now be available, and it will be easier to develop new widgets in parallel.

To make that available we’ll change how some advanced features work, but if you’re interested in how it works behind the scenes and our plans, feel free to get in touch!

As always (well this is the first time, but it’s always from now on): have an amazing day!