Vue πŸ‘“ InstantSearch v1.5.1 is released πŸ˜‰

Hey there! These notes are also about two smaller releases, which fix three issues: pagination, menu and refinementList.

When you’re using the pagination component, a Vue event was dispatched that the page has been changed. This can be useful for changing some things, but what would be even more useful is if the actual page was given in the event! Vincent Graham, a user of Vue InstantSearch had this idea and was so nice to make a pull request for it. Thanks Vincent!

When you have a menu, it would be nice if nothing broke your page if you that attribute was not set for faceting or not present in the page no? So we fixed that to make sure no undefined error was thrown.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but before now, there was a single space between the checkbox and the name of the attribute. Nic Torgersen definitely did, and gracefully also made a pull request to fix this. Thanks Nic!

Check out all the links in the changelog too, have a great day all of you!

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