Vue InstantSearch v3 has been released! πŸ‘“β‘’πŸ†•

This version of Vue InstantSearch has some new nice things up its sleeve again, most importantly these three features:

Federated search

We now have a new widget, ais-index, which you might remember from the very first version of Vue InstantSearch. Using an index widget allows you to retrieve hits from multiple indices at once, all while being able to set queries, filter etc. as normal.

Smaller bundle size

This is mostly a downstream solution, where the package algoliasearch-helper has been significantly slimmed down, but has a 20% change on the final bundle size (60 -> 48 kB, gzip).

Better server-side rendering

Before this version, server-side rendering in Vue requires you to pass which search parameters are currently valid for the page. This definitely was a hassle, and has now been solved. The new findResultsState no longer needs any arguments, since it’s able to read them from the Vue component tree directly! This also means that you no longer need to duplicate the routing logic for client and server-side, it can all be part of one isomorphic InstantSearch router. This does mean that we have changed the API significantly, so check out the upgrade guide for more info.

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The most important resource for migrating to the next version of Vue InstantSearch is the migration guide, which can be found in the Algolia docs

Let us know what you think of this release! :rocket:


A small mistake was noticed in version 3.0.0, which would require vue-server-renderer to be a dependency in all cases, and not just when server rendering. This has been fixed in 3.0.2