Vue-instantsearch widgets sharing same state with all open tabs

I have created custom widget to listen stalled status for algolia queries, im using algolia to show category page for items in web shop. Widget works great with one tab, but if i open multiple tabs with category pages (open catgegory in new tab) current tab and category page will also listen the same state from other tabs, and if some category page query gets stalled, it will show the stalled status (loading items…) on current page also.

How can i disable instantsearch instance to not share the state between tabs?

this is my widget to listen stalled status:

import { createWidgetMixin } from 'vue-instantsearch'

const connectSearchMetaData =
    (renderFn, unmountFn) =>
      (widgetParams = {}) => ({
        init () {
          renderFn({ searchMetadata: {} }, true)

        render ({ searchMetadata }) {
          renderFn({ searchMetadata }, false)

        dispose () {
export default {
  name: 'AlgoliaLoadingState',
  mixins: [createWidgetMixin({ connector: connectSearchMetaData })],
  watch: {
    state: {
      handler (state) {
        if (state && state.searchMetadata.isSearchStalled) {
          this.$emit('loading-state', state.searchMetadata.isSearchStalled)
      deep: true
  render () {
    return null