Vue Instantsearch + Zelda [BotW] = Search of the Wild

Few months after its release I was still hearing here and there “Zelda Breath of the Wild is the best game ever” and “that Nintendo Switch is the new generation of gaming device”. Well, I’m really influenceable, so I bought both.

And yes it’s indeed true. The game and the device are awesome. But I did play less than 8 hours to the game and wanted to index everything (I think I’ll have to see a doctor at some point). Also I didn’t find a good database so I literally spent my whole week-end to build one from many sources.

Let me present you the stack:

  • The database is made with Airtable (super cool mix between a spreadsheet and a relational db)
  • A simple node.js script exports Airtable data to Algolia
  • The search UI is made with the shinny new Vue instantsearch.js
  • I jumped on the opportunity to try Bulma (a simple css framework)
  • What else? webpack, netlify, cloudinary, …

The project is still very new, and i don’t get a lot of time to invest in it but we have the basics and i thought it was worth showing it off here. It’s my first Vue.js project (and I really love it so far).

It’s time for some links:

Oh yes and maxi Kudos to @sebastien.navizet for this awesome logo <3

That’s all for now! #stayplugged