Vue.js instantsearch

Newby here ! does someone can explain, help with
It is based on algolia vue.js instantsearch documentation and almost identical to this this codepen as I want the infinite scroll.
Even if that’s bad the vue.js on the server is not the minified version so that the errors in the console are visible.
I’m wondering why I get systematically this error (and warning) “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘url’ of undefined”…even if the results are there. But the infinite scroll (or the pagination - I tried too - is not working.
Thank you

That’s because some posts don’t have the images attribute filled. for example post_id: 1466, I checked the devtools and found this:

You’ll have to do a conditional to show the image or a fallback if not all your data contains the images

Thank you very very much :wink: I had no idea that some images failed during import !

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