Vue Store Front Integration

Integrating Algolia search with VSF/Next branch, got the basics down. Moving on to routing.

With Vanilla Nuxt the integration works as it should, although the workarounds are starting to stack.

To Repro:

  1. pull && yarn && yarn run dev
  2. && search for something
  3. URL gets rewritten

with VSF get a flicker re-render.

To Repro:

  1. same as above except go to /Search
  2. URL gets rewritten for a flash then render fires and goes back to original route

What I’ve tried:

  1. Built the two repos in isolation and it seems to not be an issue with nuxt itself, more an issue with Vue StoreFront

Nuxt + SSR + Routing - Pushes route twice · Issue #916 · algolia/vue-instantsearch · GitHub (tangential)

We’re going to track this issue at GitHub :slight_smile:

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