Want to be able to only scroll to top for pagination refinement


The ScrollTo widget takes the user to the top of the page on every refinement whether it is the search or refinement list or any other widget.

However I would want it to work only when someone clicks on Pagination Widget.

I do see there is the scrollOn prop, however I am not sure what to put for pagination.


Hi @harshmaur,

By default it’s already looking for a pagination update (scrollOn = “page”, which is the namespace of the pagination). However every widgets change the pagination to 1 when refined. What it means is that every time you’ll refine without being on page 1, it will trigger the scroll to.

This is something that could be improved but I don’t know yet how. Can you open an issue on Github and we’ll work on it?

Resolution can be followed here => Scrolling Top for Pagination is also Scrolling Top when a refinement is triggered · Issue #164 · algolia/react-instantsearch · GitHub