Way to determine where searches are coming from?


We currently have Algolia powering search on our website. and have the search form as a universal element in our header. Is there a way to determine which page (URL) searches are being initiated from?

If nothing is natively supported, open to recommendations on custom solutions.


Hi @adam1

I don’t believe that’s a native function from algolia but may be someone from the team will correct me.

As a custom solution, you definitely can catch events but where do you want see it? In your analytics solution? Also, if you tell us why, it’ll be easier to come with a smart solution!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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You will find an analytics tab in your Algolia Dashboard, but it’s an advanced feature, your access to it depends on your plan.

What Algolia js lib do you use?

Thanks all.


Goal is to capture this data in one of our various analytics platforms and then send it downstream to our BI. If a custom solution is needed, we can dream something up, but curious if any existing solutions or best practices exist out there.


We’re currently on the Growth plan. Looking in our Analytics tab, I don’t see this information, but perhaps I am missing it. In terms of libs, this is related to a universal search element in the header that leverages autocomplete for UI. Any more insight here or can you point to docs?