We need an algolia professional to support us on a project

Hi there. We are a digital agency in vieanna. One of our customers uses algolia for his web-application and we need an algolia professional to maintain the system and add some new configurations.

anybody here who can support us?

Hello @fonda.gmbh,

Could you tell us a bit more about your use case in order for us to better help you? Do you need help regarding how to index your data in Algolia or to build your frontend application?

Thanks for replying.

There is an existing Setup - and it runs quite well. Three TYPO3 Websites with lots of lists and search-functionality. Algolia delivers several search indices and Algolia gets the data from JSON Exports (most of the Data is hosted in a CRM System).

We are servicing our client in terms of TYPO3. But we have no expertise in Algolia:

The task:
There will be some changes on the websites and new kinds of data has to be included in the search. So we need new indices. And we should optimize the search results somehow …

Thank you for the extra information. To include or “index” more data into your Algolia indices, I’d recommend you to read our documentation page regarding how to index your data.

Then, to optimize the search and configure your ranking strategy, I’d recommend this guide about the relevance configuration.