We updated our account but still getting "Record quota exceeded"

We updated our account to essential with 50,000 record and we are only at 10,000 but the api is still returning: Record quota exceeded, change plan or delete records…

Anyone has run into similar issue?

Hi @gbourdages, thanks for reporting this and sorry for the hassle!
There was an edge case in the upgrade procedure that caused these Record quota exceeded errors, we just applied a fix and all should be good now.

Please let us know if you still see this error!

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You can’t be serious. I just got this exception even though I switched from free to paid account 2 days ago.

Anyone from support please respond asap! app id: MFW8ZWU0FG

cc @pln

@ds1: Thanks for reporting this, you were in the same situation due to an unrelated bug. We just addressed this issue and you won’t see this exception anymore. Please let us know if it was not the case!

Also, when you need urgent support specific to your account, prefer sending an email to support@algolia.com: we answer paying customers’ support requests before forum posts :slight_smile: