Web Client custom search

New to Algolia and trying to figure out what the right option is to use here. InstantSearch seems like the right option but need some input on whether this is the case.
In a nutshell - we have a search box that has 6 search criteria boxes.
All we need to do is be able to send the results from this search to Algolia and display the results.
Does that mean InstantSearch with a custom Widget, using the API?
Spent some time going through the docs without much clarity on the above - hoping someone can help me shortcut the process.

I currently have a hacked solution using a call to https://qauipdmsel-dsn.algolia.net/1/indexes/*/queries which gets me the results that I can render myself - but looking to use existing tools instead.

NB: Do not need assistance on coding or building - just a shortcut to documentation and a yes / no on what is possible or not.

Definitely recommend InstantSearch as the easiest way to build your frontend. You can wire your existing search box and criteria (we call them facets) into InstantSearch using connectors (Customize a React InstantSearch widget | Algolia) if you’d prefer to keep them, or you can replace them with the InstantSearch equivalent.