Webhooks not created after clicking on banner

Hi there,

I’m evaluating the shopify integration, the autocomplete functionality is working fine but the webhooks aren’t created correctly (even after clicking the banner), I’ve already tried to delete and reinstall the algolia app to no avail.

is there a way to create the webhooks manually? right now indexes are not updated when I make a change to the products or variants.

This is definitely unexpected. I’ll investigate.
Could you just give me your store URL?

shoplowcost.co.uk is the shop url

Your webhooks seem correctly setup.
Are you still having the message?

This is what I see in the shopify backend, no message/banner from algolia

It seems like webhooks created by applications won’t be displayed in your Shopify admin, and that this section in only for webhooks that you would have created.
The best way to check if they’re working would be to update a product title, wait a few minutes to make sure the change is propagated, refresh your page and try to search for it again. :slight_smile:

thanks, I’ll let you know.

Actually, another thing you could do would be to use:


This will just give you a small JSON answer, but this would allow you to see to which webhooks we’re subscribing. If everything says true, everything is good, and if any says false, we would actually be showing you the warning banner that you already saw.