Welcome: please introduce yourself!


My name is Robert. I am a software engineer at Algolia. Currently working on InstantSearch for mobile in Paris. My first payed gig and the one I was most proud of was a Delphi software when I was 17.

Since, I worked and specialised on mobile development.


Hi there,

My name is Sylvain PACE. I am a full stack engineer working at this wonderful company.

I am working within the R&D team, more specifically in the DX (Dev eXperience) squad. I am owner of DocSearch for now so please ask me anything.

Born and raised in Lyon, I also enjoyed my time living in Berlin & Toulouse.

Feel free to ping me as much as you want : my handle: @s-pace. Looking forward to share with you.

Mit Freundlichen Grußen


Hi everybody!

I’m Peter Villani, very happy to join Algolia as Technical Writer!

Happy because I get to ask lots of questions and learn from top-level engineers and designers how to build great software - from engine to front-end.

I started out as a developer, developing desktop and real-time systems, and then web applications. All during this time, I was documenting everything I coded. Eventually I closed the IDE and wrote full-time.

You can spot me on the net with my handle @codeharmonics


Hi everyone !

I’m Jonathan, Software Engineer at Algolia, and I work on the community project Places, so I can’t wait to see what amazing stuff you’ll create using it.

I love coding in Javascript/ES6+, with React/Redux being my go to framework for front-end dev, in the back-end you’ll see me use Node.JS, Python or Java.

You can find me on github here.



I’m Alex, a Solutions Engineer at Algolia in London.

The majority of the background is in Javascript Development. React, Angular, Node etc. but i’ve spent time hacking around in many more languages.

You can find me on github


Hey! I’m Aman, a product manager at Printkick. We’re a family business, running for over 17 years and I’ve joined to give it some tech zest. As a promotional products company, we’re looking to shake up the industry in the UK! We’re launching our eCommerce platform which starts with a few verticals like Umbrellas (www.umbrellastore.co.uk) and mugs (soon to be launched www.mugstore.co.uk).



My name is Sergio and I’m a SRE in the Foundation Squad. I’m very excited to be here :slight_smile:

I’m originally from Spain but many people think I look Irish aye !! I worked in the Telco industry for some years but I decided to switch my career.

One of the things I started learning outside work was coding in Go, hopefully I can learn more here. However I also built an AWS cli in bash when AWS tools required Java, long time ago…

If you need something just ping me.


Hey guys!
I’m Tobi and I recently started at Algolia as a Solutions Engineer based in the Paris Office.
Originally from Toronto, I’ve been working as a frontend developer in Paris for the past 3 years. I love CSS and JS. Lately I’ve been playing around with React, making mini apps mostly on Codepen, while using modern CSS layouts…:hocho: to floats, :heart: to grid.


Hello Algolia Community!

My name is Bobby and this week I joined Algolia’s Customer Success team as the company’s first Customer Success Associate. As a CSA, I’ll be helping Algolia’s self-serve customers go live and achieve their business goals by proactively supporting customers through implementation and beyond, as well as responding to any questions or concerns that arise. Outside of work I love spending time with family and friends, gardening, photography and skateboarding in beautiful San Francisco :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

I’m Mathieu and I recently joined Algolia’s marketing team in Paris as a growth marketer! I’m super excited to learn more about the community and see what everyone is building with Algolia open source tools!

In my spare time, I love playing football :soccer:, cooking :man_cook: and hiking :mountain:

I look forward to meeting with some of you during events / meetups in Paris or anywhere else :vulcan_salute:
You can find me on Twitter here :point_left:


Hello Algolia Community :grin:

I’m Roukaya, an e-business assistant manager at Onibi.

We just started using Algolia for one our client.

In my spare time, I love meeting new people, friends, and discover others persons cultures.
I love traveling, and I cannot wait to go again discover the world.

I attended my first algolia search party last night and I enjoyed it. I can’t wait to meet you again soon :smirk_cat:

You can connect with me on Twitter , Instagram and Linkedin :eyes:


Disclaimer: I already introduced myself here with my personal account, so I’m redoing this with my Algolia account now :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m Adrien, code lover since I was 6 y.o. Started to program in JavaScript back in 2002, when webviews were powered by Internet Explorer, and slow routines were coded in C++ and embedded as ActiveX DLLs. :sweat_smile:

I’ve built too many products, as a startup employee, freelance developer, and indie hacker. I mostly use node.js, express and vanilla/DOM JavaScript. I also used Meteor at some point but got tired of it. (I attended the last Meteor Paris meetup at Algolia HQ, tho!)

My first contact with Algolia was when they kindly sponsored my hackathon: fHACKtory, back in 2012! Then we used Algolia in my ex-startup (Whyd, now Openwhyd), to replace our buggy ElasticSearch configuration.

Now, I’m working at Algolia, building the Custom Website Crawler in Node.js! :nerd_face:

Cheers! :beers:


Hi, I am Alex. I am software engineer joining the Algolia’s team in Paris. Really excited to be onboard and hope to meet many people as I can! :grinning:



Hello friends,

My name is Damir Calusic and I develop in WordPress, mostly. Haven’t been to any Algolia meetups nor events. At the moment no Algolia project have bneen made by myself.

Besides programming I am training some football/soccer and in the gym.


Hi there Algolia-peeps,

I am Stéphanie, founder of modaResa, a web-app backed by the Family. The journey has just started, and I am looking for some tech-savvy interns in web developpement, and a CTO (long shot, but throwing it out there). If you know someone that could fit, let me know.
It’s a supercool and automated real-time scheduling tool, based on several specific constraints. I have done usertests with major potential clients, and not one single company has said no to use and pay for it in the future.

I spoke to Olivier at Algolia, who suggested I’d post it here.
Thanks in advance!



Hey hey! My name is Jon and I’m a customer success manager at Algolia. Excited to join the community :smile_cat:


Greetings! I’m Jon and I’m a Customer Success Manager who is joining the New York team at Algolia.

I can’t wait to participate in all the exciting projects this community is building!

In my spare time you can find me: :snowboarder:, :biking_man:, :bowling:, :football:, :basketball_man:,:video_game:,:golfing_man:, :game_die:,:camping:,:stadium:


Hey everyone,

I’m Marc Helbling & usually @marchelbling on the web.
I’m very glad to be joigning Algolia (Paris) as a software engineer in the Analytics squad which aims at delivering fast and accurate “business” metrics.
My background is mostly 3D and data processing so as milliseconds matter I should feel right at home!
I hope to push exciting news in the community and can’t wait to hear of what the community’s building with Algolia!


Hi Everyone! I’m Morgaine - one of the newest Customer Success Managers in the SF office. Excited to be here and a part of this wonderful community.

Ping me if I can help out in anyway. Cheers! :rainbow: