Welcome: please introduce yourself!


I’m Nick, and I’m a new member of the sales team @Algolia. Already learning a lot and excited to get up and running.



Hello there – I’m François :wave:

I’ll be joining Algolia as a Software Engineer Intern for the next 6 months in Paris.

My main focus lately has been JavaScript (more specifically the React ecosystem). I’m open to new concepts and paradigms, that’s what keeps me intrigued.

Aside from programming, I love digital design. I’d like it if I can learn more about the design process here at Algolia at some point.

Music drives me nuts! I’ve been playing the saxophone and the guitar for a while - I’d be keen on jamming with some people.

I’m very excited to be part of Algolia’s growth :raised_hands:


Hi everyone,

I’m Victor and I am part of Algolia’s sales team, based in Paris.
What about my role ? I help developers build search their users will love :smiley:

I’m delighted to join the community and I look forward to learning something new every day !


Hellohello all! :wave::wave::wave:

I joined Algolia last week in our Sales Operations team supporting our sales folks to have world-class tools and processes to, in turn, make our customers more successful thanks to an awesome Search.

Previously to Algolia, I worked with LinkedIn for about 3 years in Sales and Customer intelligence.

Very much look forward to meet all of you guys and having great conversations :slight_smile:



Hi everyone !

My name is Aoife (‘ee-fa’) and I’m a software engineer at Algolia. I work mostly with Ruby on Rails and React and I’m on the Dashboard team :sunglasses:

I’m originally from Ireland (Limerick), but moved to the US (Boston) when I was 10 and have been living in Paris since 2015 :ireland::us::fr:

When I’m not programming, I like playing music and eating and drinking my way around Paris :baguette_bread::wine_glass:


Hey guys,

My name is Aaron and I just joined the SE team in SF!

I’m primarily a FE developer using JavaScript frameworks/paradigms such as React, React Native, Redux, Apollo (GraphQL), and some Angular 1.

I also have experience working on the backend using Node, Express, and a bit of Ruby on Rails.

My non-programming free time is usually spent gaming (Overwatch XB1), reading, meeting friends for drinks, and searching for new music.

Instagram - @aaronwsteele
LinkedIn - in/a-steele


Hello everyone !

I’m Marwan a new software engineer at Algolia (core API).

Before that I was a teacher and research engineer in EPITA (a french computer science school) where I met a lot of future algolians. And now I’m working with them :smiley:

I’m a little bit nerdy on the edge (been programming and playing with computer since 1984 … ) and I like to apply my computer skills to cooking … Oh, and in another life, I’ve been playing guitar in black metal band (but that’s another story … )


Hey all,

I’m Aaron, a new Solutions Engineer at @algolia. I’m a full stack developer at heart, but I’m really excited to get to work on helping pair our in-house technical expertise with our customers both future and present.

Currently exploring Crystal & Amber outside of work, having worked extensively with Ruby, PHP & JS over the past few years.

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Hi all,

I’m Sylvain and I joined the SE team in Paris. I’m excited to take part in the great things we’re going to achieve together!


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Hi everyone,

I’m part of the Sales team at Algolia and love to learn anything there is to know about our users!


Hi Everyone,

I’m Liz, joining Algolia as a Senior Manager of Tech Compliance in San Francisco. The question I get most often is 'what is tech compliance?". Tech compliance just means we are following all of the regulatory requirements and applicable industry standards/certifications (such as SOC2) when it comes to data protection/security. So I’m here to ensure from a technical perspective, we’re in compliance :slight_smile:

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Hey you!

The name is Kevin, and I’ve just joined Algolia as a Frontend Engineer. :wave:I have previous experience from working with their services on my own projects, so joining the team is a dream come true.

My weapons of choice consists of JavaScript, ReactJS, SCSS and Ruby.

Outside of work, I’m a big enthusiast of synthwave music. :musical_note:


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Hi everyone - I’m Hugo!

I’ll do an internship at Algolia as Software Engineer for the next 6 months!


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Hey, my name is Emilien :wave:

I’m a solutions engineer at Algolia (started 3 weeks ago).

I’ve worked as a web and mobile developer, and also as a data scientist in earlier experiences. I program with C, OCaml, Java, Python, javascript. my favourite frameworks are Tensorflow and Keras for ML, Django for backend and react&redux for frontend (web or mobile).

When I’m not programming you can find le playing volleyball, reading or playing guitar.

I’m looking forward to see all the inspiring products Algolia helped build!


Hello, my name is Neil I’m a marketing director based in Texas, USA who’s been tasked with learning how to use Algolia to improve the results for our retail e-commerces site.
I don’t know anything about programing, nor do I have any projects or tools to share.

My goal is to learn Algolia well enough to make changes that in turn create an impact on our website, make it easier for the customer to find what they’re looking for and sell some products.



My name is Rémy, I am a french developer at ChefClub.
I am also a core developer of Kinto a webdatabase for the web.

I am currently working on adding an Algolia plugin to Kinto.

I am living in Rennes.


Hi! I’m Cedric Kim. I use JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and a few other programming languages. I’m working on some awesome Algolia projects at the moment, but I do need a little help. I spend most of my time using a computer. :wink:


Hey Everyone,

Im Carl, Algolia client and happy to be here :smile:
Working on building my search engine and learning how hard it has become to build out a great website/user experience online!


Hi, I am Ashok Neupane And I am a Laravel developer. I used the algolia search in my LeaseNepal project. I like the algolia search. i am using the algolia community Plan. I built one ecommerce project and newsportal in laravel. So, i am eager to learn the details about algolia search.


I’m Ben, a sysadmin, game dev, dba and backend developer. Done so many things except front end web dev. I really need someone to drop me some pearls of front end wisdom!

Congrats Algolia on a great product. Impressive how reactive and fast it is.

I’m using Vue Instantsearch and have everything functioning well, yet the styling is proving a puzzle. If one of your Vue people have time please message me, just a few short questions needed I think.