Welcome: please introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Sascha from Germany and I use Algolia on a few Wordpress sites. The results are amazing! Thank you for providing such a useful service with a generous free tier! I will upgrade as soon as any of my sites will have more visitors, clients and revenue :wink:
Have a nice day, Sascha


Hello everyone,

Appjetty is a software products store specializing in extensions and plugins for a host of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc. Formerly known as Biztech Store, Appjetty is a trusted name in the world of open plugins and extensions.

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Hi guys,

nice to meet you, I’m glad to be a member of this community!

I’m an Italian Developer, 22 years.
I’m trying to be a full stack developer, so I train myself with backend and frontend languages.

I worked with C#, asp.net web services, Cordova, Ionic, now i started to learn React and React Native (and i’ve created a module for algoliaplaces, you can find the post here).
In my job now I’m working with Java using a bit of Spring, a bit of JMS and MQ, a bit of PostgreSQL and other stuff.

You can find me on GitHub

At the end, when I remove the developer mask, I’m a MountainBiker and travel lover!


I’m a full-stack Web developer, but more interested thus better at front-end Javascript.
I’m currently playing with stuff like ESnext, React, Gatsby, but also React Native, Node.js, etc.
I work with Git, VS Code, and zsh/iTerm2.
I haven’t been to any Algolia meetup but I would love to.
I’m currently developing a website for a client, and though Algolia would be a nice solution for them so they agreed on using the “starter” plan. I hope they won’t need more quota ^^’
But for now I’m using my community account for tests.
I’m using Algolia’s Javascript SDK, client-side and server-side, and it’s great!

You can also check me out here:



What programming languages and frameworks do you use?
Laravel, Vue, MySQL, NPM, Node etc.

Have you been to any Algolia events or meetups?

Do you have any Algolia projects projects that we can check out?
We are using it on our site www.weldricks.co.uk

What Algolia SDKs and open source tools are you using?
We use AIS and Vue

Where else are you on the Internet?

What do you do in your non-programming time?
I collect retro computer gear…was collecting everything now concentrating on Sinclair stuff :slight_smile:


Hello everyone !
I am Dan from Romania, I am a web designer at Mensis Studio .
I’m curious about search and software design. I like solving complex problems with simple solutions.
Wish to see Algolia evolving more and more.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Dashon (pronounced day Shawn) ‘DJ’ Hawkins. I am a full-stack software developer. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, but I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I own a boutique dev agency located downtown. Javascript is my wheelhouse, but I use a bunch of different tools from React and Nodejs to Serverless Lambda functions, FaundaDB, Progressive Web Apps, JAMstack/Headless CMS, Sanity.io, Contentful, Netlify, I’m currently doing a project in WordPress and I’m creating a custom Algolia plug-in to search some Addobe Acrobat forms.


My name is Temilade,I am an Online Visual Merchandiser at Konga online shopping limited. I am excited to be a part of this forum.
I have helped my company sales rate with insights from data gathered on Algolia and G.A.my focus is basically around query rules to control customers search results. I haven’t been to any Algolia event yet, but I will be glad to be a part of the next event/events.

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Hi I’m Christian or Chris from the Netherlands. I was a senior cloud solutions architect and security officer at a large Dutch telecom but have made a career switch and am now barista. :slight_smile: I still do part-time web projects as a freelancer and support mostly non-profits (NPO) because they lack other means to get good IT support.

I came across Algolia thru a list of nice companies to work for and thought I’d check it out.
I’d like to try to implement Algolia on my own WordPress website as a demo/PoC and then recommend it to some of my clients using WordPress(.com) so they can hopefully provider their visitors with better information or get a better conversion to donations.
I already have a great idea for a commercial implementation of algolia on the company website of my wife’s pharmacy :smiley: So I hope that will also work in the new year

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Hello all! I’m Principal Software Engineer at the industry-agnostic startup accelerator MassChallenge. We use Algolia to speed up searching in our “Accelerate” system, which powers all our global startup accelerator programs. I’m primarily a Python/Javascript developer (with interest in Haskell and Clojure and Rust).


Hi there :wave:

I’m using Algolia for years on the professional side, and I’m planning for using it on some side projects using the JAMstack (mainly GatsbyJS and Gridsome)
I’m looking forward reading from you guys !

Cheers !


I’m Francis from Brazil, having a trial experience with Algolia instantSearch for Next.js.
*Edit: Now I’m going to use it with Angular web apps. :wink:

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I am Tm from Belgium. We are building a mobile app in react-native and firebase for which we use Algolia. We are completely new to Algolia and we can’t figure out everything yet, so I hope it is ok to ask some questions here.

Thanks a lot.


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G’Day I’m Coel.

Currently further acquainting myself with NuxtJS after having started with Netlify’s Get Started with Nuxt mission followed by Mastering Nuxt which is where I was introduced to using Algolia.

I’ve not attended any events or meetups. If there is anyone else in Bendigo here :wave:

No live Algolia projects yet but I’m working on rectifying with a current NuxtJS/Vue Instantsearch thingy.

You can find me on twitter and hanging around Netlify’s forum.

When not in front of a computer I’m often walking an energetic dog, exercising, or studying Danish, Chinese, Turkish, and Yiddish on Duolingo.

Hey Algolia fam! :raising_hand_man:t3:

I´m Sebastian, Webdesigner from Germany. On my way to become a Algolia pro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But my journey starts at a beginner level :trophy:


Hi I’m Renee :wave:

Usually a designer but delving into the world of code and working on my first major solo project. Pretty new to Algolia so I’m sure I’ll be posting here again soon!

I live in New Zealand and in my free time I’m usually skateboarding or playing guitar :slight_smile:

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Hello :slight_smile:

I am joining the community to find/hire devs and consultants to speed up our Algolia implementation roadmap.


Hi all! I’m realizing I never introduced myself here. Three months into my new role as a Sr. Developer Relations Engineer here at Algolia!

I’ve previously worked as an Sr. Engineer focused on developer relations and integrations at Bold Penguin where I built out documentation using DocSearch and Docusaurus. Before that I was a Sr. Developer Advocate on the AWS CloudFormation team where I co-created cfn-lint.

I’m super hungry to learn about how all of you are using Algolia. It’s the best way for me to understand how we can help you and make our Search and Recommendation products even better!

In my spare time I like to play music. I play bass and I’ve done a bunch of music programming in Reason. Lately I’ve startled dabbling in Improv in an effort to remember how to interact with other people. It’s been fun!

I’m in twitter and github

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