Welcome: please introduce yourself!

Hey @eugenevk! Great to have you here. I love when a software idea comes from real-world lived experience! I hope the path to v1.0 is going well on it!

Hello, I’m Mike and I work for a gym apparel company. I’ve been using Algolia with instantSearch.js. on our store. I’d like to engage and learn more about different ways to use Algolia. Hopefully reading through everyone’s questions, comments and suggestions will help familiarizing myself with this environment. I struggled to send events to the dashboard since the documentation was slightly off. There was one line of code that needed to be re written. I hope others aren’t having this issue.

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Hey Mike! Welcome!

Did you happen to cut a ticket about the bad code? If not send it to me and we can get it addressed.

Hello Chuck,

I was able to address the issue like this…

in this portion of the code that the documentation provides to copy and paste, the line actually needs to be changed to…

with this change I was able to get it resolved. Thnx

Thanks! I’ve past this on to the team.

You’re welcome Chuck, I’m glad that helped.
I am currently trying to rebuild the facets display that shows up on the front end of the instantSeacrh results and much like the previous issue, the documentation leaves a lot to the imagination and it’s somewhat unclear. Can you please help me/point me in the right direction to rebuild the html for the filter bar above the search results page?

Hi, I’m Matt and have been using Algolia to great success in recent years on our leading e-commerce site - www.antiquejewellerycompany.com. We’re now looking to take it to the next level by implementing Re-Ranking/Personalisation/Recommend to enhance the user experience (and increase conversions). We are looking for a talented dev with Algolia experience to help us achieve this. If there’s anyone on here who can help let me know! Cheers, Matt

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Hello everyone, I am an English teacher who dabbles in programming and runs a Robotics team as hobbies (among many others). I am currently developing some websites for our district technology department. Algolia is a boon to the project. Thank you all for this incredible software.

That’s awesome! Welcome, @jrothritchie. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. Also, if you go beyond the limits of our free tier, make sure to reach out. We offer programs for public, non-profit web sites:

Thank you. That is wonderful. I shall.