What Algolia's Series B means for the community

Today, Algolia announced a Series B round of funding.

Our CEO @nicolas shared his thoughts on the announcement about how APIs are changing the software developer landscape and how Algolia is committed to helping our customers get more and more value out of APIs. The fundraising means we can accelerate what we’re already doing today, improving our product and in turn improving yours.

I wrote a post earlier this week about what Algolia has released to developers so far in 2017. One of the major reasons we’re able to ship good software fast is that we have a strong feedback loop and open connection to you, our developer community. As @nicolas puts it in his post:

The best way to build a community is to be one, and Algolia owes a lot to a lot of different people. To our customers, we owe our ability to grow as a company. To the developer community, without whom Algolia would never have been able to advance and improve so quickly.

My message to you, the community, is keep pushing us! Let us know what is working for you and what isn’t. Use the forum’s Give Feedback category liberally. Here’s a new shortcut that’ll take you to that category any time:


Internally, Algolia has a culture of candor and providing feedback. It’s how we help each other grow and improve, which we do because we care about each other. Care is another one of our core values, all of which apply equally to our community.

Thank you for your contributions, participation and trust.

Now, it’s time to give even more :heart: :heart: :heart: to all the :mag_right: :mag_right: :mag_right: that need it!