What are the pros & cons of using 1 of the 6 libraries to use?

I’m not really knowledgeable on javascript (I can tweak it okay), but I’m a PHP/Mysql developer and I can build websites great! However, never got into javascript.

Tweaking existing code, I’ve been doing, but that is much different than knowing it.

So my question, why choose one library over the other? If you see my other question of example search interface, which would you pick?


Hi @larryk,

Thanks for your question!

You will need to learn more JavaScript regardless of which version you choose.

The framework versions will give you more reactivity and could simplify your code, but you will also have an additional framework layer to learn.

Here is a comparison between React, Vue and Angular. It’s really just a personal preference in my opinion, but there are pros and cons to each.

A Google search on differences between the three will give you more than enough information to form an opinion, I think.

My personal favorite is Vue, and here’s an article comparing Vue to Vanilla JS.

Let us know how it goes or if you have more questions!

thanks, so I agree the general “things” about each… it depends on your personal preference (it was nice to see the comparison chart) :slight_smile:

So being new to Aloglia (me) and you being part of Algolia Team… you saw my search interface I need to create… which one seems the best to create that UI?

Question: I’m assuming with ANY library… they ALL work with all the features of Algolia, correct?

Absolutely! There are some minor differences but there is always a way to work around them.
If you’d need a more specific answer, I would suggest to have a look at our widget list to identify the feature you’d want to use.

Happy coding!