What happens when you hit query limit

If we’re on the Essential plan, what is the user’s experience if the 75 queries per second is met? Is an error message returned?


By limiting the queries per second we ensure an optimal service for every user according to her/his plan.
If you are using more QPS than the limit of your plan, we may have to block them. However, if you think that the reason you reached the limit was exceptional, you can safely ignore the limit.

Anthony, what does the user experience if QPS limit is reached though? Is an error message returned to them? Or does Algolia just “block” the queries until the next second?

Is a single letter typed a query? Or is it a full word that is sent to Algolia?

An error is indeed shown in your dashboard if you’re hitting the limit but no error message is currently returned by the API.

Is the user’s query returned as normal, or do they just receive nothing?

@kellydbleck during my test user don’t see any Bad expérience when reaching the qps limit.
But, @anthony, whereas i receive warning emails, i don’t see any relevant informations in the dashboard. As a result i’m not able to diagnose how my app reaching the limit neither to understand the logic beyond its calculation. Could you please provide ressource to clarify qps ? Best (i love your product <3 )

Hi @anthony.seure! I was wondering if the InstantSearch widgets count against QPS limits?

First of all, I’m truly sorry for the late answer. I’ve just discovered that I’ve messed things up with my notifications.

Regarding the QPS calculations, we’ve added two FAQ entries in our documentation, one explaining which queries are used as part of the computation and the other explaining the Global computation:

I hope it helps.