What is “SimilarQuery” parameter?


In the AlgoliaSearch client (in Java & Javascript) a method “similarQuery” is implemented but seem documented nowhere. I tried it, it’s giving different results than the search method. Can we have any details about this method?

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Hi Arnaud,

First, allow me to share @karim.matrah’s answer here:

Indeed, this method has been released as a beta but it never really reached a point for us to be entirely trustable.
The goal for this method was to provide a kind of “recommendation API” or a “more like this query”. Basically, you give existing record content to “similarQuery” and it will try to return records that are similar to the content you specified. I would not recommend you to use this method as we are working at the moment on a brand new API for this kind of use case :slight_smile:

While we will not prevent you from using this non-documented method, I recommend to not rely on it, as it is not officially supported and may therefore disappear at any time and without notice.

I understood that you were very interested by this feature, and asked us if you could subscribe to a early program to access it.

I’m not aware of any “early program” for this feature, but I will contact my colleagues working on the recommendation API to let them know about your interest, so that they can reach out to you when the product is ready for testing.

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Hi Adrien,

Everything is clear, thank you for the explanations. Yes, I’m very interested about a “more like this” feature, today I have a system calculating the proximity of my new content with any old-content before all indexations in Algolia, but it’s complex to manage; would be very cool to have a API endpoint for that.

Thank you!

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