What is the best way to index several JSON files (11 000) each containing only one object?

I have a Fodler with more than 10K JSON files each one is an object.
I want to push all of it to Algolia, but I can’t POST files directly.
If I post the file directly to Algolia it works, but I have to do it 10K times, that can be boring.
I’ve tried to concatenate all the files, but, some of them are not JSON valid, so it breaks this opportunity.
I’m not a backend programmer sadly, I usually use Zapier to push to Algolia.
What would be the best way to post theses files?

Hi there,

You need to have a valid json to push it to algolia. So I would recommend to filter the non valid ones.
You can do it pretty easily with a command line tool like jq.

Could this work for you?