What is the recommended way to implement an autocomplete searchbox in Vue 2?

I’m a bit lost on how to implement an autocomplete searchbox in Vue 2

Some context: we are already using Vue InstantSearch, but now want to add a searchbox the header of the page (it will live outside of the general Vue app).

I’m seeing multiple options:

  • The <ais-autocomplete> widget, the description of this widget doesn’t clearly indicate that this is too create autocomplete input fields and it suggests to use the Autocomplete library instead
  • The Autocomplete library seems perfect for this purpose, but it seems only possible to use it with Vue 3, at least there’s only documentation of that available
  • Then there is the option to implement a custom renderer for the Autocomplete library, I’ve been trying to get this to work with Vue 2 but the examples which are targetted for React don’t copy very well to Vue, and also seem to miss some essential parts

So I’m curious what Algolia would recommend to implement an autocomplete searchbox in Vue 2? :slight_smile:

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Any guidance on this from the Algolia team would be really helpful! We are delaying our implementation now due to this.