What will happen if I crossed free plan limit

As I am a beginner so I will be using free algolia services only so that I would like to ask that what will happen will I have to pay or simply my services will stop, It will be great if my services will stop when I crossed free limits and then my free services start again next month.

As per Pricing FAQ

If you exceed your committed usage overages will be charged. For Standard Search plans, the cost is $1 / extra unit. For Premium Search plans, the cost is $1.50 / extra unit. For Recommend, the cost is $0.60 / extra 1,000 Recommend requests.

Ok Thank you so much :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Hi @okok, @the is correct if you are on a committed plan. However, if you are on Algolia’s free plan, your account will be blocked when you go over your quota.

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