What's new in the Algolia plugin for WordPress 2.5.0

Happy to announce the new 2.5.0 release of the Algolia search plugin for WordPress :tada:

Better display of special chars:

During indexing, we no longer escape entities because it led to bad display of characters such as quotes or spaces.
After updating to 2.5.0, make sure you re-index your data to remove all the special chars that previously displayed in your frontend.

Better indexing performances:

Some users had performances issues resulting in the inability to index their posts.
We now disabled as much caching as possible while retrieving posts to not create cache entries for items that are old.
Some other query options also reduces the overall memory consumption.

Special thanks to Jon Heller & @georgemamadashvili for investigating this and finding the perfect solution.

Final word

Complete changelog is available here.

To finish Iโ€™d love to thank every contributor, client & user that gave feedback, reported issues and submitted code and documentation reviews.

Feel free to provide feedback on this new set of changes :heart: , and also rate us if you havenโ€™t done so already!

Get the plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search-by-algolia-instant-relevant-results/