What's the best way to rank our Golf Courses in Algolia?

We have a golf course booking company where users can search for golf courses and online book teetimes to play.

Currently the only custom ranking we have is golf course name, but after researching more Algolia we see that we can provide more data to algolia and it’s index to differentiate the golf courses,
Some of the data we can provide and use in custom ranking is:

  • total bookings made on course
  • bookings made in last
  • week/month/year
  • total gross amount made on the course
  • Number of individual players that have booked the teetimes on course

What would be better to somehow calculate the custom popularity attribute and add it as a custom ranking or to push the all these values or maybe few of them only.

Also should the values be pushed as logarithm and to just let algolia rank the courses with real values like
bookingsMade:465 for one course and other coursecould have bookingsMade:5

Thanks for any info