When i create a index with firebase extension old records not upload algolia dasboard

I am using firebase algolia extension but when i create new index for searhing with algolia my old records in my collection not upload algolia dasboard but if i made any changes on documents or create new document .The documents upload algolia dasboard.Is there any way add my old records to algolia dasboard?

@zgrsln34 welcome to the community!

The Algolia Firebase extension won’t transfer any existing records, it’ll only pick up any adds and deletes after it has been installed. You’ll need to do an initial sync of your records from Firestore over to the Index beforehand. You can read the records from your collection and then call the Algolia API Client to add the records automatically. Alternatively, you can upload a copy of your collection via the Algolia Dashboard or the Algolia CLI.

If you want an easy tool to do either, I created this tool:

It makes some assumptions like you want your collection names to be the same as your index names, but that is easily adjusted in the script.

Let me know how this works for you, happy to help further. Thanks!