When search string includes "&", the values after "&" get removed

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Visit this website https://www.wnj.com/
  2. Click on search icon at the top right corner
  3. Type in search string that contains “&” in it (ex.: Test & Lorem Ipsum)
  4. Look at the URL and/or query that actually had been searched

I have tried to use this

and also this

both had been unsuccessful.

How do I make sure Algolia knows that “&” is part of the query and not delimiter?

Do I need to preprocess my string and transform “&” to “%26”? It seems like Algolia should be able to handle such simple task on its own without my involvement or the “Separator Characters to index” should take care of that? Unless I am misunderstanding the point of “separatorsToIndex” and the example provided (separatorsToIndex API parameter | Algolia).